Canada is a country where talent and skills are respected by everyone. Immigrating to Canada, maybe just to pursue higher education, to do a job in well-known organizations, or to settle down as a permanent resident, is a process many people go through every year. Although COVID restrictions limited the range of immigrants moving to Canada, it is obvious that Canada is looking to welcome talent from everywhere across the globe. Even though you are looking to do a job in Canada once you have graduated from your home country, it can be a little difficult. So, many students decide to do a course in Canada related to their profession. This not only helps them to hone their preexisting skills but also provides them better opportunities for working in Canada. There are many high demand courses to study in Canada that will help you in developing skills for your aspiring career.



Here is a list of Top 4 high demand courses to study in Canada:



  1. Project Management – IT: SENECA 


Project Management it, high demand courses to study in canada


The IT industry is growing fast and it is in high demand in multiple cities in Canada. So, it is important to cover all sections of IT to be able to get a desirable job in this industry. In this course which is for about 8 months, an individual will learn about advances in Project Management taking place in the IT industry. This program helps to understand each methodology that can be used and also teaches when one should apply it. Because it will be a program for advanced IT students, this program will, no doubt, enhance the project management skills by providing awareness of IT projects, policies, and programs in two semesters. This program also offers an optional ‘work term’ which can help students gain more experience and prepare them for what’s to come.

After completion of this course, one can pursue the following careers –

  • System Analyst
  • Project manager
  • Project leader
  • Network administrator
  • Team manager



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2. Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering: FANSHAWE 


Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering


If you already have gained some experience in the engineering field, the Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering course will help you hone your pre-existing skills which will increase your value and respect in the workplace. This program is one year long and you will train in the practical elements related to your profession like machining and welding, blueprint reading, CAD, etc. This program will also help you gain more knowledge about CADD fundamentals, SPC and metrology, tool designs, PLCs. The course will also help with sharpening leadership and administrative skills which will overall enhance your engineering skills.

After completion of this course, one can pursue the following careers – 

  • Aerospace engineer
  • CAD technician
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Technical engineer



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3. International Business Management: SHERIDAN COLLEGE 


International Business Management


This program will help you with learning how to develop a foreign market entry strategy for a specific product or service, research and analyze the potential opportunities internationally, etc. The International Business Management course will also hone your international report writing and presentation skills. The professors at Sheridan College are known to update the course to keep up with the ever-changing field that is the International Business industry. The course will introduce you to networking and industry association international events and can learn how to undertake a search for international employment.

After completion of this course, one can pursue the following careers –

  • Importer or exporter
  • Transportation manager
  • International trade manager
  • Shipping coordinator
  • Supply chain Coordinator or Analyst 


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4. Dental Hygiene: NIAGARA COLLEGE 


Dental Hygiene, high demand courses to study in canada


Dental hygiene is one of the courses to study in high demand in Canada. This course offered by Niagara College will provide students an exceptional pre-clinical practice and opportunities in Niagara College’s new, fully operational dental clinic. As part of an allied health team, this program provides unique interprofessional education opportunities. It is accredited by the Commission of Dental Accreditation of Canada (CADC) and thus it gives hands-on learning opportunities via comprehensive and varied placement experiences.

After completion of this course, one can pursue the following careers –

  • Dental Research
  • Community health setting
  • Long term care facility
  • Hospital dental facility
  • Educational institution 



Now that we have seen some high demand courses to study in Canada that have the power to provide you a safe and stable future in Canada. Also, the fees of the above mentioned courses vary from college to college. The given were a few high demand courses to study in Canada. Again, there are many opportunities present for various career fields but this article only focuses on the courses that will help you get the jobs that can be beneficial for you professionally.

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