What can be better than getting invited as an Express entry candidate by one of the most famous, successful, and ideal cities in Canada? On June 23rd, Ontario invited 583 Express Entry candidates to apply for Provincial Nomination. The OINP i.e. Ontario Immigration Nominee Program considered inviting the candidates who are eligible for Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream (HCP) and all the invited candidates had Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS points between 464 and 467. The PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) gives immigrant workers an opportunity to begin their careers in Ontario and can give a head start to their professional life considering the opportunities that are present in one of the most successful cities in Canada. In the draw taken on 23rd June, OINP invited the candidates to apply for provincial nomination if they had work experience in one of the priority occupations in Ontario.



These are the priority occupations in Ontario, Canada according to the latest draw: 



  1. 0122 – Banking, Credit, and other Investment Managers: 


Banking, Credit, and other Investment Managers, , priority occupations in ontario


The activities of operational departments or financial establishments or credit departments or industrial and commercial establishments are managed, planned, organized, controlled, and evaluated with the help of none other than banking, credit, and otherwise investment managers.

Banks, trust companies, and credit unions mostly hire banking managers from time to time. Credit managers are hired by department stores, utility companies, car dealerships, insurance companies, or other industrial or commercial organizations. Other investment managers are employed by credit card companies, consumer loan companies, etc. There are many other financial establishments concerned with extending loans and financing and investments that are in the need of investment managers frequently.


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2. 0124 – Advertising, marketing, and Public Relations Managers: 



Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers


Developing and implementing advertising campaigns to market a product or service takes a lot more effort than we think. Advertising managers are known to plan, organize and evaluate the activities of firms and departments that carry out such advertising campaigns. Marketing managers make sure to analyze and initiate market research studies. They also establish distribution networks for products and services and direct and evaluate the marketing strategies. Maintaining good media relations is a tough task. That is where the Public Relations manager comes in. They help to maintain good media relations on the behalf of the government, businesses, or other organizations. These occupations are mostly needed by commercial and industrial establishments, government departments, and also various advertising, marketing, and public relations-related organizations.



3. 0125 – Other Business Services Managers:  



0125 – Other business services managers


Canada is known for the quality of life, excellent work environment, and many more things and this is only because of the effort that is put into making sure that customer satisfaction is the priority. Business service managers plan, organize, direct and evaluate the operations of establishments that provide services to businesses. Business service managers make sure that they are providing the best quality to their clients and ensure customer satisfaction. Management consulting, personnel and payroll services, contact center services and security services, research market, etc. are areas that provide job opportunities to other business services managers.


4. 0601 – Corporate Sales Managers: 



0601 – Corporate sales managers


The sales department in wholesale and retail, commercial, industrial, or many other establishments requires planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating the progress by a skilled corporate sales manager. Corporate managers are there to organize regional and divisional Sales operations, they also help to determine new strategies related to new product lines, etc. Corporate sales managers deal with recruiting, training, and managing the staff as well.

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5. 1111 – Financial Auditors and Accountants:  


financial auditors and accountants, priority occupations in ontario


Financial auditors are required in examining and analyzing the accounting and financial records of individuals and establishments to ensure accuracy and compliance with established accounting standards and procedures. They prepare detailed reports on audit findings, recommend an individual a way to improve his or her accounting and management practices. Accountants plan, organize and administer accounting systems for establishments or for an individual.


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The invited express candidates are, like mentioned before, required to have at least one year of work experience to receive the provincial nomination. There is more to this and to make this journey of applying and getting invited and preparing for a new life in a foreign country easier, it is advised to take help from immigration consultants in Brampton or from consultants in any other city of your choice.